Three World Class Cocktail Trends to Watch For in 2019

12 December 2018
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As a bar or bartender, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. It seems that everyone is making the same drinks and ordering from the same suppliers. So, how do you may a name for yourself, and grow your business? One important step is to keep up with the trends. By knowing which cocktails are popular and likely to be ordered, you can stay on top of your game and make sure to please your customers at every opportunity.

Below are three world class cocktail trends that you would be wise to monitor during the year ahead.

Products Built to Last

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that sustainability and green living is a major movement these days. With that in mind, it would be a mistake to think that people who hold those ideals in high regard are just going to forget about them when they go out for a drink. Sustainable products often sell themselves to some degree, even at higher prices. With so much momentum behind this kind of thinking, it seems sure that more and more people will find this important in the years to come.

Respect the Visual

When a customer comes into your establishment for a drink, it is important to remember that he or she has a smartphone close at hand. If you serve that customer a drink which is as beautiful as it is tasty, it’s quite likely that a photo of that drink will end up on at least one social media channel. That’s free advertising for your business, and it sends a powerful message as a result. Paid ads can grab attention, but nothing speaks to the quality of your business quite like an uncompensated picture praising both the look and taste of your drinks.

All that is to say that you need to be focused on more than just how your drinks taste. No one is going to come back if your drinks aren’t delicious, but getting them in the door for the first time may come down to simply serving up a colorful concoction in a beautiful glass.

No Booze!

Believe it or not, one of the trends worth watching in the industry is the presence of alcohol-free drinks. This might be surprising to some, but it is proving out that many people are more concerned with the taste of the drink than they are with the presence of alcohol. Also, even if your patrons do want some alcohol, you might find that they are interested in drinks with very little alcohol, again placing the emphasis on the taste of the item above all else. No longer is it going to be good enough to impress customers with ‘strong’ drinks by being willing to add plenty of alcohol to the party. Instead, to thrive moving forward, you may need to be more creative and focus on creating drinks that taste great regardless of the alcohol which is or isn’t involved.

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