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As the owner of Top Shelf Solutions, I have been so impressed with Accardis Systems. At Top Shelf, we provide bars and restaurants with the most technologically advanced inventory and reports possible using the Cyclops Skorpio system. Their software enables us to generate reports, including complete inventory, actual vs projected sales and cost percentages. The proprietors we work with are astounded by these detailed reports, as well as the time and money we are able to save them.

The Cyclops Skorpio system is extremely user friendly, easy to set up and the customer care service is unmatched. You call and talk to a live person as if you were calling a friend.

Top Shelf SolutionsDennis McGivney, OwnerLong Island, NY

My organization operates multiple venues, with multiple bar tops in each venue. When making the decision to move from counting inventory by sight (1/10th) to something more accurate, I researched every system that I could find. After some hands-on time with almost every different system available, Accardis was the clear choice.

The level of accuracy, and the pace that we are able to complete inventories is amazing. Inventory that previously took 5-6 hours has been cut in half, and I’m able to zero on exactly how much product was dispensed accurately to the 1/1000th of an ounce! No manual/visual inventory system can ever match that level of precision. And while Accardis is geared toward your liquid product, it can easily handle food, retail, and any other stock you may have in your establishment.

The customer service I’ve received has been equally amazing. Questions and concerns are answered immediately, and correctly every single time.

If you own a bar, and you aren’t using Accardis as your inventory solution, you are losing time and money every day.

Doan Management, Inc.Chris JarnaginDaytona Beach, FL

I am the manager of two bars in Loveland, Colorado, Henry’s Pub and Sports Station.  For both restaurants I do my inventory using the Skorpio scanner and scale and Pacer software program that I purchased from Accardis Systems and I cannot be happier with it.  The programming is extremely user friendly and is smooth.  I have never had a problem with data loss or glitches.  The equipment itself is sturdy and durable, standing up to the beating that it naturally takes from a weekly inventory at two different places.  Finally, the customer service I have received from Accardis has been stellar.  During the initial setup and learning process I was walked through everything over the phone and the system was even preprogrammed with a lot of the products that I carry.  Any questions I have ever had have been answered immediately, even on weekends, with either a phone call or email.  I would recommend Accardis to anyone looking for an efficient, user friendly and durable inventory system from people you can count on.

Henry’s Pub/Sports StationSteve Curtis, Manager

Two years ago I got more aggressive with my business and paid an outside firm to do my inventory on a weekly basis.  I t was costing me over $6000.00 per year.  I knew there had to be a better way.

My Aloha POS dealer recommended Accardis Systems to me.  Accardis provided me with a system that allows me to do my own liquor inventory accurately, fast, and integrate it to my Aloha POS.  I have reduced the inventory on my shelves, keeping more cash in the bank.  I can spot check employees and get real answers real fast.

As anyone knows, a heavy-handed bartender can cost you thousands of dollars a month.  The very accurate digital scale that weighs the bottles communicates wirelessly to a barcode scanner to make liquor and beer inventories fast and easy.  The system is worth every penny.  I now look forward to doing an inventory so I can really see how much money we made that week.  The dollars tell one side of the story but I back it up with the ounces used compared to the ounces rung up on my POS.

Bulldogs Bar & GrillRoger Bradford, Owner

The Accardis System is by far the best integrated way to track your liquor or food inventory.  Using the scale allows for precision accounting and is extremely fast and accurate. The system generates numerous reports, spreadsheets, cost percentages, and projected sales versus actual sales.

The Cyclops (Skorpio) is an amazing device for fast, pinpoint accuracy and can interface with numerous accounting/POS systems.  One of the advantages, besides its accuracy, is its speed.  Spot checks of inventory can be accomplished quickly, as the counting procedure is extremely fast.  It will also assist you in tracking which brands are selling the fastest and which are not, establish minimum bar pars, and assist in daily purchases.

How to Start and Run a Money Making BarBruce Fier

We have been using the Accadis Inventory System for over three years.  We have been able to easily identify over pouring and theft.  The program allows us to spot check all our bartenders per shift.  The program also allows us to properly par our stockroom to prevent over and under ordering. The systems’ comprehensive reporting is great to show us what products perform well and what products don’t sell.  As a high volume club, this program has saved us thousands of dollars per week.  I highly recommend it.

Scarlett’s CabaretMacy John, Bar ManagerHallandale Beach, FL

Thank you Accardis!!

We have used the Accardis Inventory System to manage our liquor inventory at all of our restaurants for over five years.  The program has enabled us to streamline our inventory process starting with doing the physical inventory all the way through to accounts payable. We are able to pin point where our inventory challenges are efficiently and accurately.  With the interface to our AP system instead of taking hours to enter invoices from four stores, it only takes a few minutes.

We gladly recommend Accardis to any restaurant that is looking to control their beverage costs.

Mellow Mushroom RestaurantsAngie Cox, ContollerJacksonville, FL

At Hospitality Solutions we have been providing Bars & Restaurants in the Ottawa (Ontario – Canada) area with hands on Bar Inventory services since 1998. We have looked at every “Inventory Software Program” – every “Pouring System” for years – And Accardis beats them all – bar none!

We provide our customers with customized reports – all showing exact amounts on hand & exact variances – per individual product – not just globally or by category! Our customers tell us every day how valuable our system & information is to the ongoing success and profitability of their restaurants & bars.

Accardis provides a system that no bar should be without – no matter how big or how small – if you sell booze & want to be profitable – you need this system!

Owner Hospitality SolutionsRick Parks