Henry’s Pub/Sports Station |

I am the manager of two bars in Loveland, Colorado, Henry’s Pub and Sports Station.  For both restaurants I do my inventory using the Skorpio scanner and scale and Pacer software program that I purchased from Accardis Systems and I cannot be happier with it.  The programming is extremely user friendly and is smooth.  I have never had a problem with data loss or glitches.  The equipment itself is sturdy and durable, standing up to the beating that it naturally takes from a weekly inventory at two different places.  Finally, the customer service I have received from Accardis has been stellar.  During the initial setup and learning process I was walked through everything over the phone and the system was even preprogrammed with a lot of the products that I carry.  Any questions I have ever had have been answered immediately, even on weekends, with either a phone call or email.  I would recommend Accardis to anyone looking for an efficient, user friendly and durable inventory system from people you can count on.

Henry’s Pub/Sports StationSteve Curtis, Manager