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My organization operates multiple venues, with multiple bar tops in each venue. When making the decision to move from counting inventory by sight (1/10th) to something more accurate, I researched every system that I could find. After some hands-on time with almost every different system available, Accardis was the clear choice.

The level of accuracy, and the pace that we are able to complete inventories is amazing. Inventory that previously took 5-6 hours has been cut in half, and I’m able to zero on exactly how much product was dispensed accurately to the 1/1000th of an ounce! No manual/visual inventory system can ever match that level of precision. And while Accardis is geared toward your liquid product, it can easily handle food, retail, and any other stock you may have in your establishment.

The customer service I’ve received has been equally amazing. Questions and concerns are answered immediately, and correctly every single time.

If you own a bar, and you aren’t using Accardis as your inventory solution, you are losing time and money every day.

Doan Management, Inc.Chris JarnaginDaytona Beach, FL