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Two years ago I got more aggressive with my business and paid an outside firm to do my inventory on a weekly basis.  I t was costing me over $6000.00 per year.  I knew there had to be a better way.

My Aloha POS dealer recommended Accardis Systems to me.  Accardis provided me with a system that allows me to do my own liquor inventory accurately, fast, and integrate it to my Aloha POS.  I have reduced the inventory on my shelves, keeping more cash in the bank.  I can spot check employees and get real answers real fast.

As anyone knows, a heavy-handed bartender can cost you thousands of dollars a month.  The very accurate digital scale that weighs the bottles communicates wirelessly to a barcode scanner to make liquor and beer inventories fast and easy.  The system is worth every penny.  I now look forward to doing an inventory so I can really see how much money we made that week.  The dollars tell one side of the story but I back it up with the ounces used compared to the ounces rung up on my POS.

Bulldogs Bar & GrillRoger Bradford, Owner