Beer & Keg Inventory Management System | Accardis

Products_OnlineMeterIf you are looking for the best option beer and keg management systems, look no further than the Accardis Beer System solution. This state-of-the-art Keg Meter lets bar or restaurant management know exactly how many ounces of draft beer have been poured every shift. This system helps businesses hold bartenders accountable for their sales will put an end to unauthorized freebies, careless over-pouring and covert cash skimming.

Our Beer System Solution records every ounce of beer that leaves the keg 24 hours a day, so it is also a powerful tool to monitor late night, after-hours draft beer consumption. Catching these types of problems early and taking action accordingly will undoubtedly have an immediate impact on your business’s bottom line.Our device screws directly onto the headcoupler of the keg. Simply uncouple the keg, screw the device on and screw the beer line onto the device. Only one AAA battery is needed to power the system and installation is easy as only a crescent wrench is needed. There is no need to cut beer lines or run power connections. Since this is device is easy to install, it means that you will not have to hire a contractor to assist you.

The Accardis Beer System is discreetly installed on top of the keg inside the cooler, so your customers will never see it.This device will measure how many ounces left the keg in one ounce increments. There is a readout on the face of the device. Just take a reading each day or each shift, record the number, and determine how much beer was used for the period. The counter can be reset to zero at any time to start over or when you tap a new keg. An Excel spreadsheet comes with the device to calculate what was used, how much is left, how many glasses were poured, etc. This device is simple to install and easy to use. Start controlling your draft beer now!

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