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Products_Stackers-DollysKeg Stackers

Eliminate the need for shelving and increase the storage space of your bar or restaurant with our patented keg spacers. Our Keg Stackers are the ideal way to stack and store both empty and full kegs. Keep your stock organized and place of business well-utilized with this thick, long-lasting, quality plastic equipment. Keg stackers can be used to stack empty kegs or stack and tap two kegs simultaneously. Through the process of stacking kegs, the floor space in your cooler can double!


Keg Dollys

If you need to move or maneuver your kegs around your bar or restaurant space, look no further than our keg dolly. Using our keg dollys is the safest and smartest way to move beer kegs indoors and outdoors. These great tools make it easy to move kegs anywhere they need to be while also saving you from any lifting. Just put the keg on the dolly and roll it anywhere you please!






Slim Keg Dolly