Accardis Liquor Inventory System | Alcohol Inventory Control

Liquor over pouring, unauthorized free drinks, employee theft – these are major concerns that seriously affect the profitability of bars, restaurants, and most retail operations. Statistics indicate that losses in the retail industry can run as high as 25% of sales. The average loss is estimated to be 17%. Using the advanced ACCARDIS Liquor Inventory Control System, losses can be drastically reduced.

Advantages of Skorpio over other Alcohol & Bar Inventory Systems

  • NO labels or stickers to put on the bottles. We use the manufacturer’s bar code.
  • NO sticks to use to measure the liquor level in the bottle
  • NO trying to figure out where to touch the picture of the bottle to determine the contents
  • NO spouts to program – or buy
  • NO manual entry of scale data
  • NO holding the bottle up and “eyeballing it” or guessing how much is inside
  • NO having to inventory the bottles in order
  • NO having to count empties, we do it automatically
  • NO keying in data on your pc when the inventory is over

Weighing your bottles of alcohol is simply the most accurate way to do inventory. The Accardis System accomplishes this quickly and accurately. There is no substitute. If you can’t measure your inventory you can’t control it!

The Accardis Liquor Inventory Control System will save you time and money, decrease wasteful or fraudulent losses, and increase your profit margin.

  • Easy to use menus make CYCLOPS Skorpio a breeze to learn.
  • Light weight, compact and rugged.
  • Sorts products at up to 100 stations.
  • Greatly reduces inventory time and effort.
  • Instantly provides useful management reports.
  • Pinpoints inventory loss areas by retail outlet and product brand.
  • Provides instant evaluation of employee performance.
  • Identifies optimal inventory mix, eliminating unnecessary holding costs.
  • Interfaces with most inventory packages capable of importing XMODEM files.

The Accardis System has the flexibility to adapt to your particular needs. Alcohol & bar inventory control can be simple, fast, and accurate.

CYCLOPS Skorpio by Accardis Systems is the first hand held bar code scanner designed specifically for controlling inventory for your bar and the food and beverage industry. CYCLOPS Skorpio will keep a watchful eye on every product in your inventory from the time it enters the door until the time it is sold, helping you squeeze every last dime of profit from your operation. It will greatly reduce the time you spend counting your inventory and extending the figures. You simply scan the bar code on each product and enter the quantity. Using the scale you can weigh your liquor and wine with precise electronic accuracy.

Once you have completed counting your inventory you simply connect CYCLOPS Skorpio to your PC and upload the inventory data into our software program, called Pacer, and your reports are generated in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, if you are currently using another inventory system on your PC, you can quickly upload the data from CYCLOPS Skorpio right into your software program.

CYCLOPS Skorpio can be used to inventory your bars, banquets, kitchens, bar supplies, and much, much more. If you can count it, so can CYCLOPS.


Pacer Software provides numerous management reports. A few examples are given below:

  • Master List – list all products sold in your establishment including product cost and up to 5 retail price levels.
  • Inventory Report – product by product listing of each inventory item showing the amount of stock on hand, the amount of stock sold, and theoretical retails sales based on stock usage.
  • Inventory Summary – one page summary showing on a per category basis the cost of goods on hand, cost of goods sold, theoretical sales, theoretical profit margin, and based on your receipts, actual profit margin, and any variance from theoretical sales, costs and margins.
  • Order Report – product by product listing of how much you need to order from vendors to bring your stockroom inventory up to a “par” level.
  • Banquet (spot-check) Reports – provides you with 2 complete inventories, shows how much stock was added during the inventory period, how much was used (presumably sold), how many drinks should have been sold, and how much you should have in your cash register (if your employees are completely honest).


  • Laser Scanner with Green Spot Technology
  • Windows CE 6.0 Operating System
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to the scale
  • 50 Key Alpha/Numeric Keypad
  • Withstands drops from 5 ft. onto concrete
  • Removable/rechargeable battery pack
  • 256 MB of Ram/512MB of Flash memory

This is the ultimate liquor control and alcohol management system for total inventory and bartender control. Request more information.


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