BOS Draft Beer Meter | Beer Tap Monitor


The BOS beer meter will monitor how much draft beer has gone through your tap in two different sizes – glasses and pitchers. Once bar and restaurant managers know how much beer is poured every shift, draft beer sales rung into the cash register can then be verified for accuracy. The BOS is a great way to monitor beer sales at the bar, as it is easy to use and install.

The amount of profit lost due to bartenders carelessly pouring beer down the drain adds up in a hurry. Drinking on the job, pilfering cash and giving away drafts to solicit bigger tips also add to the problem. When totaled up, the national average loss per keg is over $50! Depending upon how many kegs your establishment is emptying every month or year, your business can more than likely prevent big losses with tighter controls.

The BOS meter comes complete with forms to match what was dispensed with what was sold at the register. While the BOS beer meter stops bartenders from giving away draft beer, it also allows the manager to monitor the ounces that were poured compared to the number of glasses or pitchers totaled at the register.

Installation of the BOS beer meter is easy, as it can be completed in minutes by simply removing the existing beer faucet and replacing it with the Draft Beer Counter. The systems requires only one 3.6V lithium battery (which is included with each unit). These batteries typically last between 1-2 years before they need replacing.