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13 November 2019
Inventory Control
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Watch the Pennies and the Dollars Will Add Up

Call them bars, pubs, or clubs, places to have a drink while socializing are found on every corner in every town around the world. If you own one of these “watering holes,” there’s a lot you can do to build a reputation and draw bigger crowds. However, packing your bar to the walls isn’t the only thing you need to do to turn a profit.

You need to manage your inventory, and you need to prevent theft.

You may have gotten into the hospitality business because you enjoy taking care of people, creating ambiance, and being a gracious host. However, you will only stay in business by being a careful manager who puts a few ironclad rules in place.

Start by creating and managing your inventory accurately. Reconciling the stock left at the end of a shift against the real value of goods sold during that time is a time-consuming but critical task– but it’s essential. Statistics indicate that losses in the retail industry can run as high as 25% of sales, with the average loss estimated at near 17%. Therefore, it pays in more ways than one to take measures to drastically reduce these losses through tight inventory control.

Our Liquor Inventory Control System is a type of computerized Point-of-Sale (POS) system designed exclusively for the hospitality/bar business . It saves you time and money by eliminating alcohol over-pouring, unauthorized free drinks, and other forms of theft. As the originator of scanning and weighing liquor bottles to control bar inventory, we can be one of your most reliable partners for inventory control and theft reduction.

Weighing your bottles of alcohol is simply the most accurate way to do inventory. Our liquor inventory control system accomplishes this quickly and accurately. There is no substitute. If you can’t measure your inventory, you can’t control it! Bar owners choose our system for many other reasons as well, including:

  • NO labels or stickers to put on the bottles. We use the manufacturer’s bar code.
  • NO sticks to use to measure the liquor level in the bottle
  • NO trying to figure out where to touch the picture of the bottle to determine the contents
  • NO bottle spouts to buy or program
  • NO manual entry of scale data
  • NO having to inventory the bottles in order
  • NO having to count empties. That is done automatically
  • NO keying in data on your computer when the inventory is over



With the flexibility to adapt to your needs, the Accardis Liquor Inventory Control System will save you time and money, decrease wasteful or fraudulent losses, and increase your profit margin. Bar owners also choose our liquor inventory control system because it:

  • Features easy-to-use menus that make it a breeze to learn.
  • Sorts products at up to 100 stations.
  • Greatly reduces inventory time and effort.
  • Instantly provides useful management reports.
  • Pinpoints inventory loss areas by retail outlet and product brand.
  • Provides instant evaluation of employee performance.
  • Identifies optimal inventory mix, eliminating unnecessary holding costs.
  • Interfaces with most inventory packages capable of importing XMODEM files.

As a bar owner or hospitality director, Inventory control may not be your favorite daily task– but it is one of your most essential ones. Try to choose a partner with a proven track record for helping  hotels, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs manage inventory, prevent theft, and lower costs. Reach out to Accardis Systems at or call 1-800-852-1992.

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