How to Maintain a Commercial Beer Tap System (Part 2)

15 July 2019
Bar Management
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If you have arrived on this page, you may have already reviewed part one of this blog post on maintaining a commercial beer tap system. With that in mind, let’s dive right in to part two.

Beer Coming Out Cloudy

When you pour a beer from one of your taps and the result is a cloudy glass, your customers aren’t going to be very happy. The draft beer should be clear in the glass, so cloudy beer is a sign that something is wrong. For one thing, you might be keeping the beer too cold. Your customers are going to want cold beer, of course, but going too far can be a problem. Another issue is dirty tap lines. You can have sediment build up in the lines as you use the taps, and if that sediment is not cleaned out, it may wind up coming out into the beers you pour. Don’t settle for cloudy beers in your establishment when a little bit of work should be able to clear up the issue in short order.

No Beer!

Quite obviously, this is a big problem. If you don’t have beer flowing through your taps, you aren’t going to be able to serve your customers properly. Why would the beer stop flowing? Well, you can start with the obvious problem of having run out of beer in the keg. If there is no beer in the keg, there will be no beer flowing out of the tap. This is the best place to start your search, as it is the most likely cause, and also the easiest to remedy.

If you confirm that there is beer in the tap, there are some other points to check. You’ll want to confirm that you have gas left in your tank to propel the beer out of the tap, and you will also want to make sure the gas is turned on. It’s possible that someone changed out the tank and forgot to turn it back on – that would be another easy fix. During winter, in a facility that lacks proper insulation, it’s possible that your beer lines could freeze, so this is another possibility to monitor.

An Incorrect Taste

One more issue that may come up with beer taps is serving beer that just doesn’t taste right to your customers. If you are hearing frequent complaints that the beer tastes wrong, don’t ignore those comments. To be sure, this is something you’ll want to rectify right away in order to keep your customers happy and maintain your reputation.

Dirty beer lines are a common cause of this problem, so that might be the first place to start. Another issue is using the wrong chemicals to clean your beer glasses after each use. If you don’t use products that are meant specifically for the job, the end result may be a glass that distorts the taste of the beer in an unpleasant manner. Finally, make sure your beer isn’t out of date. Specifically, if you don’t sell a high volume of one given type of beer, check the keg to make sure it’s still good.

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