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12 August 2019
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For a business that carries liquor inventory and hopes to sell it as part of its daily operations, one thing is sure – a liquor license will be required. After all, it would make zero sense to just open up shop and start selling adult beverages without first getting the proper permission. Doing so would be an obvious violation, and you’d quickly be in trouble for your mistake. In this two-part article, we are going to discuss some important tips for how you can secure a liquor license. Let’s get started!

Each State is Different

One of the first things to keep in mind is that your liquor license requirements are going to be based on the state in which your business is located. Things like what kinds of alcohol can be sold, who can buy that alcohol, when and where it can be sold, and much more, are all dictated on the state level. So, early in this process, it makes sense to check out your state’s laws and get up to speed on all of the points that relate to your business. You don’t want to get too far into this process before determining that something within your state’s laws is going to stand in the way of operating your business as expected.

Are Licenses Available?

There are some states where liquor licenses are limited in number, so this is another point to check on early in the process. Most states offer unlimited licenses – as long as you otherwise qualify and pay the appropriate fees – but some states still cap the number of licenses available.

What Kind of License Do You Need?

Knowing what kind of liquor license your business will require is an important step. In some states, a liquor license covers all kinds of businesses that wish to sell alcohol, so there is no difference from one to the next. However, other states have categories for their liquor licenses, meaning you’ll need to select the right one for your plans. Be sure to carefully review the list of licenses offered in your state so you can pick the right one and ask for assistance if you aren’t sure.

Getting Ready to Apply

It would be a mistake to rush through the application process just to get the paperwork in as soon as possible. While you don’t want to waste time, you also don’t want to get anything wrong. Making sure all information is correct – and being sure you are applying for the right type of license – is more important than rushing the application.

As mentioned above, you will need to make sure the type of license you require is available in your area, especially if your state has a quota on licenses. Should there be a quota in place, it might be possible to purchase a license from another business who no longer needs it. Do plenty of homework on this topic and only proceed with the actual application when you are confident that all of your ducks are in a row.

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