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11 September 2018
Bar Management
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Let’s be honest right from the start – managing a bar can be a tough job. Even if you love the work and love the atmosphere, there are parts of it that are sure to be difficult from time to time. You need to deal with a variety of personality, customers can be unrealistic and demanding, and the hours can be rough. However, you remain in the business because you love it, and you would like to reach your potential in this field. How can you raise your performance as a bar manager? The following tips may help.

Give Your Team Room to Breathe

It is tempting to micro-manage your staff as a bar manager. After all, you want to manage inventory, maximize profits and make sure your customers are having a great time – so why not keep a close watch on everything that’s happening? The problem with this plan is the toll it can take on morale. No one likes to be micro-managed, as it makes them feel like they aren’t trusted. Do a great job of training your people to do their jobs correctly, and then sit back and let them run with it from there.

Balance Your Life

Managing a bar tends to be one of those lines of work that can take over your life. You will be there late at night, many nights of the week, and the job can quickly take over everything you do. Try not to let that be the case. Focus on keeping yourself busy with things you enjoy off the job. This will not only make your life more enjoyable, but it will also help you have a better attitude and perspective while at work.

Be Nice

Too many managers get into the mode of just yelling at everyone at all times. This is particularly prevalent in the food and beverage industry. Don’t be that type of manager. Sure, there will be times where you have to criticize certain employees for their mistakes, but those criticisms don’t need to go over the top. Instead, you can be nice to your people, help them to correct their errors, and keep everyone moving in the right direction together. More times than not, it is entirely counterproductive to yell at someone anyway. Focus on being nicer while helping your staff raise their level of performance day after day.

Constant Development

Speaking of raising performance levels, don’t forget to give your staff members the opportunity to learn new skills and advance their own career moving forward. It’s hard for someone to feel invested in a bar or any kind of business when they simply do the same thing day after day, over and over again. Show your staff that you care about their personal development by helping them to add skills which may pay off down the line.

It’s never going to be easy to manage a bar, but you can consistently work toward improving your own performance if you consider the tips listed above.

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