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10 July 2018
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It’s impossible to have a great bar, service and inventory management without great bartenders. The staff that serves your customers each day is going to represent your business – for better or worse. With a great crew manning the bar, you will be on track for long-term success. If your bartending team is struggling to connect with customers, however, it could be tough to stay in the black.

So, how do you make sure you are picking the right bartenders for your needs? Check out the tips below.

A Team of Individuals

One of your main goals when hiring a bartender should be to find an individual who is willing to work together as part of a team – while still letting his or her own personality shine through. This can be a tough balance to strike, but it is critical. You need to have a team that supports each other when business gets hectic and things are stressful, but you don’t want a bunch of robots who are afraid to interact with customers. The best bars are those with bartenders who show great personality while still keeping the needs of the business as their top priority.

Build a Strong Reputation

As a manager, it is your job to set the tone and example that the rest of the staff should follow. If you have a reputation as a manager that bartenders will love to work for, you are naturally going to attract top talent. If, on the other hand, you are seen as a negative force, most of the good options will stay as far away from your bar as possible. Just like any other industry, there is communication among bartenders, and the best talent is going to migrate to the best places to work. If you want to succeed over the long haul, make sure your bar is seen as one of the most attractive spots in town for employees.

Fair Compensation

Okay – so this one probably does without saying. If you are going to get the best bartenders to accept positions working for you, it will be necessary to compensate them fairly. No matter what else you offer – a great working environment, a friendly staff, good hours – nothing can compare to the number that lands on their paycheck. By paying your staff fairly, you are proving that you have respect for their work, and your willingness to pay will not go unnoticed. Not only are you likely to attract better bartenders when you pay them fairly, but you’ll be more likely to hold onto those bartenders as the years go by.

Attracting the best bartenders to your is no different than trying to fill any other kinds of positions with quality employees. You need to offer competitive compensation, you need to be seen as a reasonable and understanding manager, and you need to put your employees in a positive to thrive. If you can check those boxes, it won’t really be necessary to recruit bartenders actively – more often than not, they will find their way to you.

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