The Benefits of Barcodes for Bar Inventory Management

5 January 2018
Inventory Control
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You don’t need to be in the retail industry to understand barcodes. Even if you just head to your local grocery store to pick up a few items, you are sure to see barcodes everywhere you look. While these handy tools are only a few decades old, it is hard to imagine life without them. For someone who needs to maintain tight control on an inventory of goods, especially in the food and beverage industry, barcodes can make quick work of a challenging task.

So, how do barcodes make inventory management for bars and restaurants so much easier? Let’s look at a few key points.

They Aren’t Human

One of the best things you can say about barcodes is that they aren’t human. What does that mean? Simple – they don’t make mistakes like humans do. If a barcode is attached to a given product, the computer is going to identify that product correctly time after time, without error. That is a great thing, and it certainly isn’t the case when inventory is taken by hand (without barcodes). Mistakes are a given in the inventory process, and those mistakes are always the result of human error. By using barcodes, you will have taken a big variable out of the process.

Identifying Subtle Differences

Depending on the type of products in question, there may be a variety of models of one single product which all look similar to the naked eye. They might look similar, but they will have unique barcodes – meaning there is no risk of the computer getting them crossed up. Again, this is all about avoiding mistakes. Rather than having to pay careful attention during inventory to make sure each product is marked down properly, you can simply scan them all into the system and know that the final numbers are going to be correct.

Organization is Less Important

Anyone who has completed a large, by-hand inventory knows just how long the process can take. A large portion of the time used up by the inventory is spent just getting things organized for the count. Again, this is not a big issue when you turn to barcodes for help. Since the computer isn’t going to get confused if things are out of order, there is no need to go through a major organizational process. As long as you’ve got a handle on which sections you need to count and which have already been counted, you should be good to go.

Save on Labor

The cost of performing a regular inventory can be significant, especially if it means paying employees overtime beyond what they would work normally. To reduce this cost, a smart business will consider using barcodes. The speed of an inventory count is going to improve dramatically when barcodes are used for assistance, meaning the overall expense of the job is going to come down.

There is no reason to complicate this topic – inventory management is easier with the help of barcodes, plain and simple. If you are tired of length, inaccurate, frustrating inventory counts, turn to barcodes and never look back.

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